Admissions Process – Community Autism Services

Admissions Process – Community Autism Services

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Our intake process in five steps

Step 1

Initial Consultation and Document Review

Speak with our Service Coordinator to learn about the services provided at MAC and share information about your child. Information such as the following will be discussed:

  • Parent/ caregiver concerns agreement
  • Diagnostic information and ‘match’ for services
  • Current written order
  • Copies of insurance information
  • What to expect during the intake process

Step 2

Parent Interview

A MAC BCBA will schedule an initial meeting with the parent/caregiver to gather health history information and identify areas of strength, concerns, and goals for your child, as well as provide any support with completing intake documentation (health and history information as well as consent forms).

Step 3

Direct Child Assesment

A BCBA will observe your child across all settings accessed by your child and will directly measure skills across a wide range of domains including communication/language, social, play, and adaptive behavior.

Step 4

Pre-Service Meeting

The results of the parent review and the child assessments will be used to identify your child’s specific set of strengths and areas of need to establish priorities and develop the Individualized Treatment Plan. At the pre-service meeting, you will meet with your child’s BCBA to review the assessment outcomes and recommendations for treatment and next steps for services.

Step 5

Initiation of Services and Parent Training

Services will start with team members getting to know your child. Initial sessions will focus on playing and exploring your child’s interests. Parent training is an integral part of your child’s therapy and will be available weekly. Your BCBA will work with you to find a time that best works with your schedule to teach basic ABA concepts, offer support, and answer questions.

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