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Bloomsburg, PA

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Conveniently located off Route 11, our location in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, offers ABA Therapy in our Day Program. 

As the parent or caregiver of a child or teen with an autism spectrum disorder, you know that such individuals often have difficulty navigating modern society. Sometimes, it’s beyond even your ability to help them.

That’s where Mission Autism Clinics come in. Through our autism services in Bloomsburg, PA, and surrounding areas, we’ve made it our goal to provide autistic children and teens with a safe, positive environment. They can learn, grow, make mistakes without judgment, and ultimately develop meaningful skills that will remain useful throughout their lives.

At Mission Autism Clinics, we offer ABA therapy programs for children ages 2-6. Whatever your child’s situation, we can help.

Benefits of ABA Therapy for Autism

ABA, or “Applied Behavior Analysis,” favors an individualized, multi-step approach to autism therapy. This allows children with autism and their parents, caregivers, teachers, and therapists, to focus on specific problem areas and adapt in response to changes over time.

For more than 40 years, ABA therapy has helped children and teens with autism improve their quality of life, reduce negative behaviors, and cultivate many essential skills. With countless studies proving its effectiveness, ABA therapy has earned a reputation as the gold standard for autism treatment.

ABA Improves Social Interaction

A problem many autistic children and teens face is difficulty making friends. Through ABA therapy, social interaction is normalized, and interpersonal communication skills are improved. This is done not only by rewarding positive behaviors and fostering empathy but also by helping parents and caregivers better understand their child’s unique needs. Studies have found that children treated with ABA therapy are more likely to stay in school and have an easier time maintaining positive social relationships.

ABA Teaches Vital Coping Skills

When children with autism are stressed out, frustrated, or otherwise upset, they sometimes act out. This can manifest in negative behaviors, including temper tantrums, interpersonal aggression, and even self-injury. Fortunately, a crucial part of ABA therapy emphasizes discouraging these behaviors, encouraging better ones, and developing healthy coping mechanisms. As the child learns greater self-control, they also learn how their own actions affect the world around them.

ABA Helps Develop Independence

For parents and caregivers, often the most challenging part of caring for autistic children concerns independence or lack thereof. Parents and caregivers know they can’t always be around to make sure their children are adequately cared for. That’s why ABA therapy makes a priority out of teaching children to perform critical life tasks without assistance. These include such everyday activities as getting dressed, self-grooming, going to the bathroom, and more.

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One thing all parents and caregivers want for their children is a bright future. Mission Autism Clinics can help your child achieve their full potential. Our ABA diagnostic service will identify their unique strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to custom-build a treatment program designed to meet their needs.

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