Community Autism Services

Community Autism Services

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MAC’s licensed Community Autism Services program provides support to children, youth, young adults, and their parent(s) or caregiver(s) across home, school, and/or community environments. The intensity of support is based on both a written order from an evaluator as well as a MAC clinician’s assessment and recommendation. Staffing compliments are assigned to meet the needs of the individual requiring support.

A Unique path for every child

We support each child, youth, young adult, working at their pace to improve communication skills, develop independence and functional skills, rewriting the story of what’s possible for their future.

A Unique path for every child

Our Teen Program is Offered at the following clinics:

Bloomsburg clinic

Bloomsburg, PA

351 Tenny Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

(888) 72-MISSION
[email protected]

Easton clinic exterior

Easton, PA

1991 Northampton Street
Easton, PA 18042

(888) 72-MISSION info@missionautismclinics.

What is ABA?

ABA is evidenced-based therapy that addresses socially significant behaviors to bring about meaningful growth and behavior change, impacting the overall functioning of your child across environments.

Treatment goals are developed to address needed skills in a manner that incorporates the strengths of your child and stimuli present in the environment to produce development that lasts over time.  Skills may be taught in small incremental steps until mastery and then continued to build upon them.  Through all goals and programming, we capture and use the child’s interest to motivate them to engage with the therapist to work on all goals/skills.

Treatment goals are also developed to address any challenging behaviors through skill building of replacement behaviors as well as prescribed strategies to minimize the likelihood and reinforcing consequences of the challenging behavior. 

Tiered Level of Services

Home Setting
Treatment goals and interventions are aimed to address areas of concern as
identified by the family. MAC staff work with families to develop identified skills for their child and to minimize the intensity of concerns as presented in the home environment and their impact on the overall family functioning.  Parent(s)/guardians also receive ongoing training to equip them with skills to support the ongoing development of their child.

 School Setting
Treatment goals are aimed to address the individual’s skills for effective and meaningful engagement in their learning environment. For example, skills such as effective communication, attending to task or the instructor, responding to social bids and social exchanges, participation in groups settings with faded support, response to delayed access to reinforcement, and independent completion of tasks may be addressed.

Community Setting
Services provided in community settings may include camps, sport activities, day care/babysitter, physician offices, store settings, etc. Treatment goals are developed to promote effective and independent meaningful engagement across identified locations.

As individuals demonstrate progress across identified treatment environments, services provided may begin to fade. Plans and strategies for fading service delivery will be individualized.

School Based Support

Through contractual agreements with school districts and/or Behavioral health managed care organizations, MAC provides clinical services in classroom settings.  Service type and intensity are arranged in collaboration with the school district personnel to meet the identified student need. No two individuals’ needs are the same, which is why MAC provides options available for school district personnel to identify the most appropriate support for their student and classroom needs. 

Here at MAC, we are honored to embark on a partnership with parent(s)/guardian(s), school personnel and community partners to support the development and success of individuals with autism. We are invested in providing effective services aimed at bringing about desired outcomes through evidence-based procedures and meaningful collaboration. 
We look forward to partnering with you.
Alicia Burger, VP of Community Services

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