Mission Autism Clinics is Excited to Offer a Live Webinar

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Autistic adults report higher rates of PTSD than the neurotypical population. Autistic adults have a lower life expectancy than the normal population, due in part to suicide. In light of this data, it is imperative that practitioners are aware of traumatic triggers and trauma responses common to the Autistic population. This talk serves as an introduction to an Autistic experience of trauma along with a discussion of Autistic camouflaging, the way in which Autistic people hide their Autistic traits, which has been linked with trauma, anxiety, depression, and suicide. Together, we can work to reduce these negative outcomes.

1.5 CEs are available to BCBAs who attend this event.

About the Presenter:
Madison Holcomb

Madison Holcomb was diagnosed Autistic at the age of 13. Since then, she has dedicated much of her life to Autism advocacy and increasing understanding between Autistic and non-Autistic populations, drawing information from personal experience, research, and accounts from other Autistic people. She serves on the board of Camp Encourage, a camp serving Autistic youth, and has spoken at the Second Annual Richard L. Simpson Conference on Autism in 2019 and ABAI in 2020. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and tending to the many needs and moods of her cat.