Social Skills Group

Social Skills Group

We’re a team of experienced professionals dedicated to your child’s success.

We’re a team of experienced professionals
dedicated to your child’s success.

Our Social Skills Group is designed to address challenges in learners ages 5-20 years old that require additional support within the social skills domain and to increase acquisition across multiple areas of social development.

Our Elementary and In-betweener learners will focus on general areas within the social skills domain including:

• Joint Attention
• Social Play
• Self-Regulation
• Social/Emotional Responding
• Social Language
• Classroom/Group Behavior
• Nonverbal Social Language

    Our Teen participants will work on improving social skills and social interactions across weekly lessons comprised of various topics including:

    • Two-way conversations
    • Handling Arguments
    • Choosing Appropriate Friends
    • Entering/Exiting Conversations
    • Get-togethers
    • Good Sportsmanship
    • Dating Skills
    • Handling Bullying

      Systematic and Effective

      Research shows that, with the systematic use of evidence-based procedures, Applied Behavior Analysis can yield socially valid changes that can have a significant impact in a learner’s social functioning.

      Our Social Skills Groups are broken up into 4 cohorts based on chronological age and specific areas of need to address deficits and improve strengths across learners with similar challenges.

      Customized for Transition

      Our 26-week program targets common social skills impairments that learners face by prioritizing the deficits most in need of intervention while providing strategies to increase social development so that they can engage in socially-significant interactions with others in society.

      Our Social Skills Group is Offered at the following clinics:

      Pittston clinic

      Pittston, PA

      1081 Oak Street, Suite 3
      Pittston, PA 18640

      (888) 72-MISSION
      [email protected]

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